About Senior-Live

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Senior-Live is a program focused on assisting seniors in Almere with today’s technology to live longer, happily at home. Our activities are divided into three themes. Firstly we offer practical workshops on a range of subjects, such as computer skills and using Facebook in a safe and fun way. Secondly we develop and perform digital activities. This includes a live stream fitness class and live stream theatre sessions for seniors in nursing homes. We even enable seniors to travel the world in an easy and safe way via our Jdome BikeAround, which we call the Wonder Bike. Thirdly we function as a Living Lab. We invite people to actively contribute to the development process of new products and services. And we help enthusiastic inventors, creatives, organizations, companies and startups with a good idea or product to get in touch with their target group.

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Fitness Online


Every week we organize fitness classes that can be joined from the living room. Thanks to this accessible method, everyone can stay healthy by exercising. The great thing about Fitness Online is the ease of exercising from home, combined with personal attention and a pleasant group feeling.

How do you exercise online?
Fitness Online is realized via video calling. Video calling requires an internet connection, a computer or laptop and a web camera. Video calling means that a connection is made with the instructor with contact via image and sound. For example, it is possible to clearly communicate when the pace goes a little too fast, or an exercise needs to be adjusted.

Online group lesson
Fitness Online happens in a group with a maximum of eight participants participating in the session at the agreed time. The teacher can see all participants and where necessary give individual tips or advice. For example, does someone have a stiff shoulder and is unable to perform the exercise as intended? Then the teacher always has a suitable alternative!

For whom?
Fitness Online is for everyone who is healthy enough to do light exercises. Do you want a better balance, sports with a positive group feeling with individual attention and customized exercises? Moving more increases flexibility, balance and stability, improves your sleep and reduces the risk of falling.

Watch the video for an impression of Fitness Online (translation included)

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Living Lab


We we want to contribute to better innovation in the care and welfare domain. In addition, we are always looking for the optimum mix between the possibilities of the digital world, that of plugs and screens and the physical world, that of hands and personal contact. To achieve this, we do two things in our Living Lab. First of all, we help people to actively contribute to the development process of new products and services. Secondly, we help enthusiastic inventors, creatives, organizations, companies and startups with a good idea or product to get in touch with their target group.

A Living Lab, can be both a physical place and a way to conduct research. We use the definition of what a Living Lab is, the definition of the ENoLL, the European Network of Living Labs.

“Living labs are defined as user-centred, open innovation ecosystems based on a systematic user co-creation approach integrating research and innovation processes in real life communities and settings.”

“In practice, living labs place the citizen at the centre of innovation, and have thus shown the ability to better mould the opportunities offered by new ICT concepts and solutions to the specific needs and aspirations of local contexts, cultures, and creativity potentials.”

Past and current projects

  • Gift to Gift – Small Collaborative AAL Project
  • Patyna Future Proof – Social Challenges
  • Co-creation and focus groups

Gift-to-Gift project. Active and Assisted Living (AAL2)


The project aims to co-create a novel collaborative economy initiative, which both assists and activates the elderly population. We want to mimic the situations where a friend or neighbour does you a favour. However, to extend beyond friends and neighbours, we will be giving elderly without a local support network the chance to receive help from other senior citizens. We will build a senior-to-senior platform that can enable a task force of helpers to assist other less resourceful with help in and around their homes.

To make the platform economically sustainable, we build our business model on a novel business concept, a gift card relaying model. We use the concept of passing on a baton in a relay race. We call the model Gift-to-Gift (GtG). With this model, we leverage the growing market for gift cards as a means to generate the revenue needed to run the associated services. At the same time, the helping citizen gets a token of appreciation in return, and the concept uniquely combines intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

The GtG project will develop this novel senior-to-senior civic citizenship-based service through the assessment of user and market needs, co-creation of a helper-user interface in workshops and small pilots, and ICT research and prototyping. The co-creation will take place with user-groups in Denmark, Netherlands and Portugal and brought to market by cross-border partnerships. The potential is thus a born European social business innovation, which both assists and activates the elderly population as well as increase elderly participation in the booming collaborative economy.


  • Through co-creation with potential Helpers, Givers and Recipients, we gained more insight into actual neesd and how Gift-to-Gift can adequately respond to this
  • Developed a working Prototype App
  • Set up the business proposition for a successful launch of the Gift-to-Gift platform in various European countries
  • Set up a follow-up project to develop an open platform instead of a closed platform focused on data ownership through blockchain technology

    Read more about the project on the AAL website here