Bye 2019, hello 2020!

THIS WAS 2019:

Senior-Live is helping with today’s technology!
In 2019, many people were again assisted with the walk-in consultation hours on Friday, with the various courses and with the computer help at home. Participant Betty says: “The Android course has given me a lot. Our teacher, Wishaal Baladien, taught us so much. He patiently explained everything to us elderly digital illiterates!”

Senior-Live program
We have changed the thematic layout within Senior-Live so that it fits better with what you need us for and what we have to offer. The previous themes Fit, Skills and Fun have changed to: Computer Assistance, Activities and Living Lab. Read more about our Living Lab here.

Senior-Live crosses the border
Senior-Live launched a new foreign adventure in February, the Gift-to-Gift project. Together with partners from Denmark (Civics), Portugal (siosLIFE) and Almere (GezondheidFabriek) a demo application for mobile phones has been realized. The target group, which was involved in product design through co-creation sessions organized by Senior-Live, has responded enthusiastically to this initiative. The project has been successfully completed and we are looking now for possibilities to do a follow up in 2020. Read more.

Fresh faces
In 2019 we have welcomed many new people. The new employees Wishaal, Pishtewan, Carl, Rob and Nicky got off to a good start. We hope that these stars will remain members of the Senior-Live family for a long period of time! Nick will start a new adventure in Lelystad from January. Nick, thanks again for your contribution and commitment this year! After the birth of beautiful twins, Silke has returned to familiar base. With sparkling ideas, enthusiasm and dedication, Silke once again fully contributes to great projects and the progress of all our activities.

Fitness Online is conquering the Netherlands
Also outside Almere Senior-Live is being followed with great interest, with Fitness Online in particular. That interest has meanwhile led to two successful projects outside Almere. In North Friesland, together with healthcare organization Patyna, a nice pilot was set up to allow people from home to participate in online fitness lessons. In collaboration with Buurtteams Utrecht and yourself, we started to make Utrecht residents fitter, more active and more self-reliant. Read more.

Trainees at Senior-Live
For various projects and activities, we have sought collaboration this year with Windesheim Academy in Zwolle. A marketing team of four students has delivered a great plan for the expansion of Fitness Online. Wishaal, Mandy and Diemer have done a wonderful job around Gift-to-Gift project.

Borrowing point mobility scooter for the Diligence
At Senior-Live you can borrow a mobility scooter for free. Rob has regularly used the Senior-Live mobility scooter. Read more about borrowing a mobility scooter and the story of Rob here.

Residential care Flevoland
The number of joint activities with Reedewaard, part of Woonzorg Flevoland, has been expanded. Very cozy, warm and inspiring! View the photos of the Fitness Online Session and the cooking workshop with the Google Bicycle.


Magic table
Next year, Senior-Live will be the proud owner of a ‘Tovertafel’, as a nice addition to our collection of innovative products. Playful interactive light projections tempt children, adults and elderly to get moving and have fun together. Catching butterflies, throwing a beach ball, sweeping up autumn leaves and finishing sayings are games you can play. Do you want to know more or are you interested in using the Tovertafel, please contact us! Furthermore, we will keep you informed via the newsletter and our website where and when you can experience the Tovertafel yourself.

New board member
The board of Senior-Live welcomed an extra member just before the new year. Wim Klein Nagelvoort will be part of the board and will fulfill the function of treasurer. We are very happy with Wim, who brings a wealth of experience in healthcare and the social domain as well as a very extensive network in Almere and the region. His competencies, knowledge and experience will help Senior-Live to continue to develop.

At the end of 2019 the first contacts were made with the Floriade organization. We are discussing a number of projects and events related to technology and well-being and hope to be able to report the first concrete results in 2020. We are looking forward to this special event in Almere!

Fitness Online – Teams
We are consulting with gyms and companies to encourage them to make exercise, easy and fun as possible for everyone. People who, for whatever reason, cannot participate in a lesson at a physical location can still participate from home or the office. Read more.

Continued Gift-to-Gift project
We are currently investigating the options for continuing the first project. If this proves to be possible, Senior-Live will once again cross the border to use our innovative power together with Danish, Polish and Dutch partners to provide groundbreaking services.

Strengthen Digital Safety Net Almere
De Schoor, Computer Help Desk Almere, the Nieuwe Bibliotheek, Het Gilde and Senior-Live are working together to strengthen the Digital Safety Net in Almere. All these local organizations value the fact that every Almeerder should get the digital support they need, close to home. We hope to deepen this cooperation in 2020 and to be able to inform you further about this.

Courses start again!
In 2020 we will again be working with great enthusiasm so that as many people as possible understand the technology of today and start using it ourselves. In February three courses start, namely the Android course, iPad course and Basic Skills 2. Click here to read more about the different courses.

We wish you…..
We wish all our customers, volunteers, partners and employees a fantastic Christmas party and a great, healthy and happy 2020! Hopefully we will all make it a fun and memorable year in good health.

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